A New Redcliffe Way


The Redcliffe Neighbourhood Development Forum is a community group whose mission is to re-imagine and re-make Bristol’s Redcliffe Way. We want to create a new neighbourhood heart for Redcliffe and build a welcoming gateway to the city centre. The aim is to make Redcliffe a better place for people who live and work here, and benefit the wider city.


The new Redcliffe Way aims to be a new heart for the Redcliffe community and a new street and urban village for Bristol. It aims to create a fitting gateway that connects Temple Meads Station via the Brunel Mile into the heart of the city, and help reconnect Bedminster and South Bristol by improving Redcliffe Hill for cycling, walking and public transport.

It aims to transform the existing traffic-dominated road into a sequence of beautiful and lively spaces fit to be inhabited by people of all ages: workers, residents and visitors alike. Here’s how it proposes to do this:

    1. Moderate motor traffic with mixed mode routes that prioritise and encourage pedestrians and cyclists.
    2. Encourage types of social and private housing, including family housing, that promote a mixed and stable residential population, such as custom-build and lease controls on buy-to-let properties.

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